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The Shamans Heart CD 2

The Shamans Heart CD 2

  • Producer: Monroe Products
  • Author, performer: Byron Metcalf
  • Kind of product: Metamusic® Relaxation music, Meditation music in MP3
  • Cat. number: MA109
  • Our price: $ 15,86
  • New CD

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Product description:

This powerful and potent shamanic journey invites the listener to make full contact with their heart, their own inner wisdom, and non-physical helpers and guides to reveal, heal and transform the habitual patterns and blocks that inhibit and stifle growth and creativity. Byron Metcalf’s continuous heartbeat rhythm, medicine rattles, heart and soul activating trance drumming combines with Hemi-Sync® and Steve Roach’s sonic mastery for a rewarding and memorable shamanic journey. Repeated use of this music in a personal ritual or ceremonial context will enhance the heart’s capacities for love, compassion, courage, power, and strength.

"With a continuous heartbeat rhythm, medicine rattles, cosmic keyboards and trance drumming, The Shaman’s Heart II—especially heard through headphones—is a transcendental experience, like dropping into a ceremonial sweat lodge in your own private space! This Hemi-Sync® programmed recording leads you on a shamanic journey, visceral and multi-dimensional, to bring you in full contact with your heart and inner wisdom. It also helps heal and transform habitual patterns and blocks that stifle growth and creativity. Repeated use may enhance your heart’s capacities for compassion, love, courage, power and strength. With or without headphones, this single-track album is perfect for rituals and ceremonies, and great for trance dancing too!” - Light of Consciousness, Winter 2014

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Parameters of goods

Product category:Metamusic® Relaxation music, Meditation music
Complete name:The Shamans Heart 2 CD
Verbal guidance:Nonverbal
Utilization:Shamanic music, deep meditation, expanded awareness.
Length:71 minutes
Package contents:Single CD

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