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Human Plus® Personal growth

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Exercises for personal growth Human Plus®, effect activates whenever

Utilizing the immense power of the subconscious

Sensory: Seeing CD

Sensory: Seeing CD - show product detail

Improve and fine tune your eyesight. Sensory: Seeing teaches you a method you can use anywhere to sharpen your focus…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Sex Drive CD

Sex Drive CD - show product detail

Increase or decrease your sexual arousal. Sex Drive teaches you a method to gain control over your libido. Heighten…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Sleep CD

Sleep CD - show product detail

Move easily and comfortably into natural, restful sleep and leave your daily concerns behind. Learn a simple method…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Speak-Up CD

Speak-Up CD - show product detail

Address groups or individuals with ease and calmness. Speak Up teaches you a method to overcome shyness and enhance…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Sweet Dreams CD

Sweet Dreams CD - show product detail

Program your dream state before going to sleep and unleash its creative potential. Sweet Dreams teaches you a technique…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Synchronizing CD

Synchronizing CD - show product detail

Strengthen and fine tune your mind/body coordination and ability to excel. Synchronizing teaches you a method you can…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Think Fast CD

Think Fast CD - show product detail

Speed up and clarify your thought processes with Think Fast. Develop greater confidence in your mental sharpness;…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Tune-Up CD

Tune-Up CD - show product detail

Reinforce your body's natural ability to normalize its functioning. Speed recovery from illness, injury, or surgery.…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

Wake-Know CD

Wake-Know CD - show product detail

Wake/Know teaches you a simple method to use before going to bed to acquire knowledge from your total self during sleep…

Price: $ 15,86 Download Detail

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New relaxation CD

Celestial Meditation CD

Celestial Meditation CD - show product detail

Experience profound meditative states with the deep space music of Jonn Serrie and Hemi-Sync®.

Price: $ 15,86 Download

Destination: Higher Self CD

Destination: Higher Self CD - show product detail

Learn to become spiritually self-empowered and prepare for an enlightened transition.

Price: $ 19,83 Download

Medicine Work CD

Medicine Work CD - show product detail

A powerful shamanic musical journey to deep inner worlds with Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas.

Price: $ 15,86 Download

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